Purpose and Principle-Driven Safety

Purpose & Principle-Driven Overview

The Purpose & Principle-Driven concepts connect workers to their Purpose for working and establishes seven operational safety Principles by which they can Get The Job Done Right & Go Home Unharmed Today, regardless of the specific situations they face.

The links below are a work in progress, and after the initial development they will be updated regularly to keep up with changes in operational leadership and safety trends.

  • Purpose-Driven: Connecting people and companies to their WHY.
  • Principle # 1 – Competency: The worker Knows how to do the job.
  • Principle # 2 – Fit For Duty: The worker is Able to do the job.
  • Principle # 3 – Hazard Management: Develop a Plan to Get the Job Done Right & Go Home Unharmed Today.
  • Principle # 4 – Emergency Planning: Develop a Plan to minimize the effects of an unexpected event.
  • Principle # 5 – Communication: All workers Understand the plan.
  • Principle # 6 – Situational Awareness & Stop Work Responsibility: All workers Remain Vigilant and Take Action when the execution deviates from the plan, there is confusion, or there are changes with the worksite or work requirements.
  • Principle # 7 – Safety Reporting: Workers Report unexpected events, so that the organization and other workers can learn.
  • Principle # 8 – Character: Workers Live Out our values in the jobsite.

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